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  • DreamNow is a charitable organization that produces ideas that do good for the world.

    As a producer, we bring together people, raise money and plan for the growth of ideas that we believe will do good for the world. We are a charity but some of the ideas we help grow are social enterprises while others are more traditional such as research programs.

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    The e-book we produced as a result of a year of research answering the question- how do you make money and change the world?

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    May 07, 2010


    what makes someone great? is it learn to shoot on a mill frame? what about being named mr basketball of Ohio 3 times in a roll? what is when hanging 3 state championships in your high school gym? maybe being number one nba draft pick, rookie of the year, score 8 thousands points, leading your team into the final, first time in our history, what if you did all that beofore age of 22, all those things been great,that's what happened., and what you care about, is what you haven't done yet!

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